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My sincere apologies, As i couldn’t keep you all posted, as my schedules have become a wee bit hectic lately! Travelling is not as easy as it seems though!:/
I will try my best to keep ya’ll posted its just a matter of a few weeks , and then I’ll be flooding you all with posts , I suppose .😛

Anyways, Right now I’m going to talk about every woman’s favourite brand!
FOREVER21 , Hell yeah! 😀
To be very honest with you all , I always herd alot about this brand before , And i used to think “What’s soo good in it , that there’s soo much hype created about it? Do they have something really eye catching or extraordinary that people talk alot about it? Or is it just that its an international brand and so people are ready to shell out money (whatsoever be the price) just for the brand name? ”
All these questions come up in anyone’s mind when it comes to brands, products , etc.
I’ve frankly seen too many people who just buy things just because they are “Branded” or have some great “Brand Names” which are really popular but are highly , unnecessarily expensive that everyone can’t afford . I’ve also seen that people just buy “Branded” stuff even if it doesn’t have that great quality or design. When I look at someone who’s bought anything from a highly placed brand the first thing they come up to me and say is ” You know?! This is from __ Brand ” when it doesn’t even look so great and its just soo highly expensive with poor quality.

So , Talking about Forever21 here , Its a well known brand , Internationally, They have really good products and designs, The quality is also worth your cash and trust me ,when you get to any outlet to buy anything at all , you might have to really take all your time to decide about what you’d want to purchase as its that good!😀
I’ve been looking into all their products , designs , colours and the quality of their products here , where i come from ( Bangalore , India ❤ )

I’ve recently purchased these two accessories from Forever21 , I am completely in love with them!

As you all can see , I’ve worn this long dangling elegant earring which goes well with any party wear , fusion wear and also ethnic wear ( If you wish to keep it simple)  ^_^
and I’ve worn these cute bangles with heart shaped danglers ! (Really cute)❤
I really got these at affordable prices as there was a sale.
If you’re looking for classy , elegant and at the same time simple looking attires , Forever21 is the place for you! 🙂

My Personal Review  –

1) Forever21 has a classy, good collection of clothes, accessories and lots more, not for all occasions , its more of a daily or party wear thing. But I’d say its good for parties, meetings and places where you’d like to be more formal .
2) Out of their wide range of products with lovely designs and great quality, There’s not many options for colours. You might find a lot of Blacks, Greys , Whites and a few colour options here and there , But If you’re more of a colour person or searching for Colourful outfits then Forever21 is not the place. It would really be great if they had options in colours to choose from.
3) Not everyone can afford their outfits or dresses , and its understandable as the price is placed according to the quality and design ( also involving the brand name) . But accessories are exceptional as they are affordable. During sales its always your time to grab them!😉

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Paperboat – Product Review <3

Hey everyone! I am just putting down the content what I had put up in my previous blog’s blog post and reblogging it into my new blog , for those who haven’t read it previously , you can read it here , now! 😀

I’m back with another exciting post about one of India’s most talked about and lovable product – The Paper Boat drinks and memories , beverages!!😀


In India Summer has hit the peak and turned to be extremely hot and during this time of the year with rising temperatures, We’re all rushing to grocery stores and shopping marts , and purchasing huge bottles of juices , ice creams and drinks to store in our fridges and drink , eat them every now and then throughout our day. but little do we know that all those different kinds of drinks can affect us and this can take a serious toll on our health. We do not think of all this when it comes to purchasing such drinks and juices , as when we are purchasing them all that comes to our mind is that for this hot , rising temperature we need to quench our thurst with a cool, tasty drink.
But we also need to think of our health as well , because these drinks contain acids, sugar, artificial tastes and added colours which is not only unhealthy but also damages our throat and stomach , causing serious sickness when combines with this temperature.
After all that I’ve tried when it comes to drinks , I can proudly say that ,
Paper Boat is the best to quench your thurst this Summer season!  and not only summer , it can be any season.

Here are reasons as to WHY Paper Boat is the best drink :

1) Because its 100% Natural!!😀 So its absolutely safe.😀
2) Because there are no artificial ingredients added in these drinks . ( isn’t that unbelievable? but its TRUE.😀 )
3) They have flavours of traditional drinks form all over India!  Very much unique and different, flavours you wouldn’t get when you purchase other drinks!😀
4) Tastes amazing , soo much, that you would get lost in the first sip!❤
5) These drinks come in attractive and eco-friendly packages, so in every purchase , you are saving the environment as they are recycled! ( What is more greater than this?!😀 )

Here are their new , latest amazing flavours!

So these are their three amazing , new flavours – Chilli Guava , Neer More and Rama Navami special : Panakam 😀
I have tried all three of them and these are the pictures I’ve taken of the ones I got and My current favourite is  Neer More❤ I love that taste soo much , I would drink it all day!😀

Their other flavours are   – Aamras , Aam Panna , Anar, Khalakatta Jamun , Kokum, Jaljeera , Chilled Rasam, Sattu Drink, Thandai ( available only in Delhi)  , Imli ka Aamla and more new ones Coming Up!!😀
Also they have their green tea’s available in two flavours which you can also store it in your fridge and have it as iced tea – Ginger lemon tea and Tulsi tea.
Im very excited to try their new flavours everytime their AD’s come up!  ❤

So this is my review on Paper Boat Drinks and Memories Beverages.:)
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Introduction – To the Travelista Blog

Hello , Everyone! 😀

A warm welcome to all of you to The Travelista Blog. ❤
I am Ragini here ( also ThePrettyChicBlogger) I have created my blog – ‘The Travelista’
because its more professional than ‘The Pretty Chic’ and so I am putting down my content into this blog! 🙂
Let me introduce you to ‘The Travelista’  🙂
‘Travelista’ is a word which means ‘ The Travelling Fashionista’. Also it means that you travel around the world fashionably. 😉
‘The Travelista’ Blog is a melange of Travelling, Lifestyle and Fashion. ❤
Im a typical Indian , Desi girl , from Bangalore ( The southern part of India) I love to travel to different countries, cities , try different styles, fashion and lots more. I also love to share my experiences when I travel around. 🙂
This Blog is all about my very own creativity, thoughts and talent about everything related to travelling, lifestyle and fashion.
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